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Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Children Health and Nutrition

benefits of a healthy diet

Taking healthy food throughout the whole life is very important. But parents are always worried and watchful for the benefits of a healthy diet for children.Thy always take care of healthy food for their child. Here we are discussing some key points regarding importance of healthy food speech. Please read below.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet Eating  for Children

benefits of a healthy diet

Healthy food for a child is a key because their metabolic and developing immune system rate is higher than adults not only in the infants but also in the teenagers. Normally, till the age of 25 an average height grows. This is also a fact that if a child is taking healthy food in childhood, will be stronger for whole life than others. For their continued growth and physical fitness they need proper diet that contain multi vitamins, natural minerals, basic carbohydrates and proteins. There is a lot of benefits of healthy food for kids.

Advantages of Healthy Foods in Points

Here are some top benefits of eating healthy.

benefits of a healthy diet

  • A child body structure is quite different than adults.
  • Body development varies from birth to rest of the life.
  • A child growth from birth to first eight years is having a rapid pace. A child can get better benefits of a healthy diet in growing age.
  • There is the development of teeth and many new bones for this calcium are vital.
  • Good sources of calcium include dairy products they include milk, yogurt, cheese and green leafy vegetables and bony fish.
  • Vitamin B converts food into energy and provide the support kids need to stay active.  Good sources of B vitamins include poultry and eggs.
  • Children bodies also contain more water in their bodies than adults therefore they also need more liquids so that they cannot be dehydrated.
  • Children’s brain cells also develop millions of connections that develop nerves in the bodies.
  • Iodine is required for the normal brain development, concentration and learning ability. Good sources for iodine are seafood and fortified bread.

Many of studies have been conducted for those children who do not receive healthy food then what happens to them. Studies have shown that such children had an elevated death rate in their first year of life. When raise as adults, they suffer with many abnormal high level of cardiac diseases, type 2 diabetic diseases, kidney damage, mental illness and drug addiction as well.

Advantages of Healthy Food and Disadvantages of Junk Food

benefits of a healthy diet

Another perspective of unhealthy child food or taking too much is the obesity. Childhood obesity is the burning issue of the current decade.  Teenagers are making unhealthy choices for foods such as regular consuming soda, French fries, pizza, burgers ….this means a diet having saturated fats and high level of sugar. Such kind of diet in teenage cause diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis and other health problems. There should be disadvantages of healthy food in case of over eating or misuse.

Importance of Eating Healthy Food – Parents Guide

It is very important thing for the parents to council their children for taking benefits of a healthy diet. They have to teach them about food what to take in and not. Every child learns from his parents because the charity begins at home. So, they will seek out healthy foods on their own as teens and adults. The best thing is to make habit for them. To make them stop intake of only fast foods. They should also go for vegetables and fruits as well. There should be a balanced diet. We have seen only the balance diet can give your child all the vitamins, minerals, protein, fibers & carbohydrates which facilities healthy growth.

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