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Can I Get Pregnant At 50 – Healthy and Advisable Information

can i get pregnant at 50

Can i get pregnant at 50, this question may give you sufficient information to sustain you life before getting old. Healthy and natural pregnancy is not possible at 50 or after fifty. According to medical science it is difficult to get pregnant after age 50. Here is some more information regarding on the subject.

Can I Get Pregnant At 50

can i get pregnant at 50Normally, a woman’s should have ability to conceive ends with menopause process, which means twelve consecutive months without female menstruation. The average age of menopause is fifty, after fifty age natural pregnancy is very difficult or not possible. During this age, both periods and menstrual process become not regular and eventually may be end. At the time of regular periods, Women’s eggs quality in the forties is lower than the eggs in a young and energetic women. Making it much harder to conceive a healthy baby, usually after 42. By the time passing a woman is 40. Only three percent of her eggs remain, which are not sufficient for conceiving. This is natural process but problems occur at growing age.

Busy people or celebrities giving birth to babies at younger age near to 45, and sometimes older. It is very hard to sustain that situation because, at the growing age it becomes more difficult. Every women want to become a mom but having more work and being strong financially they becomes late. And faces all that situation with much harder feeling. The major issue of older age is unhealthy pregnancy and conception difficulties. The world is full of record and also women conceive normal birth but major thing is health. Because health risks become high  at the passing of age.

Pregnancy At 55 Years Old – How To Get Started?

If you want to give yourself a chance of normal and healthy pregnancy , we would suggest you take some steps before you try to conceive.

can i get pregnant at 50

  • If you are at the age 50 or above and  want to become mom, you need to consult a fetal specialist. Especially, even after having proper and unprotected sex you don’t get pregnant over six months. Moreover, you can visit a specialist doctor right away. You need also consult a specialist when you have facing problems of irregular periods or missed in some situation. spouse’s sperm problems should also occur and need to proper checkup at that condition.
  • Egg donation is another method but, you will first be screened inside, which include an ultrasound process of the uterus screening to ensure that you ability to carry the baby inside yourself and also some blood tests. Then you have to go through a proper psychological evaluation to make sure that you are fully mentally prepared to become pregnant.
  • Specialist have more experience to deal such cases and can treat you well. He/she will prescribe you some tests to check the actual problem may be in your ovaries or not. He will also check your partner’s sperm health.
  • After testing everything is fine, then most common issue of old age is egg quality or infertility. Then specialist will move on the next advise you on the options, but all that depending on your condition. Specialist may recommend you Vitro fertilization and egg donation.
  • Internist is actually specialist that would be the super person to look into whole this matter. The internist will have a deep glance at anemia, depression, lungs problems, heart issues, diabetes and other conditions that may get bad during pregnancy.

Pregnancy over 50 Advantages

Having huge risks of pregnancy over 50, you believe or not but there is also some advantages of pregnancy at older age. Here are some advantages of can i get pregnant at 50.

can i get pregnant at 50

1. Old age Mothers Live Longer:

We don’t know how but, a study conducted by the University that found women who have babies in their age 50s tend to live longer than a normal mom, whether it is not concern they conceive naturally or through some other methods.

2. Financially Strong:

Definitely, if she want to become a baby at 50 then obviously she was busy in financial or some business matters. A U.S. study open this matter that a woman’s earning increase at the passing of time 9 to 10% per year and she delays having a child. Huge work is a big problem having parenting life. Very few bosses are agreed to single mothers. So at age 50 you will be a lot more relaxed with no tension of job at this stage of life, also relaxes mentally and financially.

3. Mature Women Should Become Good Mom:

At that age you have a very good experience of life and know about the world and things, how they work. Maturity should become at the passing of life with different experiences of life. So, you have a good ability of training to your children. Mature mom should always become a good mom.

Disadvantages of Getting Pregnant At 50

There is also some disadvantages of pregnant at 50. As we describe some technical problems above. Here is also some routine life issues.

1. Health Common Issues:

In the year 2012, a study described that the health of women aged 50 or above who conceived with using donated eggs was as good as compare to the younger recipients, because they were well cared and conscious for during and after pregnancy. But despite of this some medical risks still do exist. Late pregnancy may cause the possibility of common disease diabetes, preeclampsia, and depression, a more complication created by high blood pressure and even in some cases organ damage. Having these all of problems late pregnancy should become more complicated.

2. Physically Harder to Carry Baby Weight:

Women energy should lost after age 40 which is not good for physical harder. Pregnancy is physically hard especially on older women. Having low energy level, she can face hurdle to carry the weight of baby.

3. High Risk To Newborns:

Not only single mom is indulge in problems also all problems should effect on the new born baby. Both bodies are on high risk.

We have tried to describe all concerns related to can i get pregnant at 50. Problems can occur in any situation of life, but best part is that how you can face it. Every thing is possible in life but it depends on your encouragement and determination.

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