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Does Folic Acid Help Getting Pregnant – Essential Guide

does folic acid help getting pregnant
does folic acid help getting pregnant

What is Folic Acid

Folic Acid is actually derived from Folate and folic acid is the synthetic form of this vitamin. Which is mix in water B vitamin. You can get this vitamin naturally using fruits, vegetables, beans, flour and also other natural food. Foods that are very high in folate vitamin are, leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinache, tomato juice and lettuce.Fruits having folate vitamins are banana, lemon, melons and orange juice. Moreover, meet specially beaf kidney, beans and mushrooms. A question arise always in mind, does folic acid help getting pregnant ? You will find more good response in this article. Please read below.

does folic acid help getting pregnant

Does folic Acid Help Getting Pregnant ?

  • does folic acid help getting pregnantFolate has a great importance in women pregnancy. It takes play huge role in the production of red cells that helps to develop neural tube into brain and spinal cord. The first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy are very important. Because pregnancy defects and maturity has been proven ate that time. It is very necessary to extra take care at that moment regarding food (folate) and mental health. The best way to get folate using natural food. Dark green vegetables and citrus fruits have great charm of folate.
  • Pregnancy should be mature with the developing of neural tube and spinal cord. This will be the good answer of does folic acid help getting pregnant. That’s why a reason doctors recommend proper diet health chart. Folic acid is an important vitamin to make mature a pregnancy.
  • It is very compulsory to take folic acid on the recommendation of your doctor. But if you have a good sex life and want to become pregnant. You have to take start 400 micro-grams supplement on daily basis before pregnancy and the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Folic acid is an essential vitamin for every one’s health but, specially for pregnant women at the starting weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid is vitamin B, which is called vitamin B9. This vitamin is not store able in our body. So, we have to take it daily or feel symptoms of depreciation of this vitamin.

does folic acid help getting pregnant

  • Folic acid deficiency make decrease amount of red blood cells, which is very harmful situation for both baby and mother.
  • Low level of folic acid in mother may increase the chance of premature pregnancy in the form of low development in neural tube and spinal cord.

Before Taking this Medicine

A better solution to take vitamin B9 is the proper recommendation of a doctor. Otherwise, before taking start self medication or dose adjustment of this vitamin, you need to take tests of these.

  • If you are indulge in kidney disease or having some dialysis process then you must avoid this vitamin or consult your doctor.
  • In the condition of hemolytic or pernicious anemia.
  • You should need to take proper tests with laboratory for diagnosing anemia because doctor’s should also recommend a lab test.
  • In the condition of infection or allergy.
  • If your are using proper alcohol.

By FDA pregnancy approval category A. Folic acid is not considered a harmful for an unborn baby. But it is recommend at the time of pregnancy for better baby and mother health. Also this vitamin is required at the time of mother feeding. It is our responsibility to take extra care of our women at the time of pregnancy. Because healthy mother born a healthy baby which makes our society healthier.

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