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Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant – Health Issues

Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

Smoking Facts And Figures

Smoking is serious injured for health. Effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant are very bad. Its really effect on the health of baby. This is a great moment for every woman with the huge responsibility of care. You must  quit cigarette when you got pregnant. You will decrease your health risks of heart disease, lung problems, Cancer and other more.

Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

A survey proves that more than 20% of pregnant women smoke and put themselves and their babies at high risk. Having bad habits of smoking in pregnant women, almost 1000 plus babies die every year in the U.S.A . There is no doubt that this is very tough moments of life. And may be smoking take you calm to reduce pressure and stress. But it’s a moment of great patience.

Here we are describing more facts about effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant and how to deal with this bad habit.

Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

  • When you inhale only a single cigarette, it is enough to cause of cancer. Because it contain more than 47,000 bad chemicals and some are very dangerous.

Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

  • Inhaling of cigarette means, you are taking toxic poisons like nicotine, arsenic, lead and also carbon monoxide. These poisons are very harmful and effects on the tissues that connects you to your baby and supply oxygen and nutrients.
  • Non availability of proper oxygen and nutrient may cause of death or abnormal delivery.
  • Effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant may cause of low birth weight, because infant weight must be controlled and that is only possible to take care health of mother, proper diet, exercise, surrounding environment and avoidance of  bad habits.
  • According to American Lung Association, smoking left bad effects on the babies like lung problems, physical growth and learning disabilities also.
  • Smoking can also may increase your expenses, even at the time of pregnancy, you have to spend your money on your health or indirectly for your baby health.
  • Even not only smoking is bad during pregnancy, if a mother start continue to inhale cigarette after baby delivery. The baby may get more flue, coughs and ear infections. Babies cannot bear the smoke of cigarette because they have very small lungs and they feels very harder to breathe.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Effects of Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant

  • We know very well, It is much harder to quit smoking but its time to need to quit this bad habits for your’s and your baby health.
  • Make a strong reason to quit the smoking, for your babies care and foster properly is very strong reason to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Keep yourself always busty, do some activity every time like chew gum, making new craft, play with your babies and some time suck on candy. Because its a mind set game, you have to divert your attention. You did’t have to think about smoking cigarettes.
  • Whenever you feel an immediate to smoke then simply look at your motives and ambitions about your family and babies. You can calm your self by your own writing rules.
  • Change your company and friends that make you happy every time and take care yourself.

It is not possible to accept the effects of smoking cigarettes while pregnant because it is cause of high risk of infant death and future health problems. Every women who became to a mother and addicted this bad habit, must leave this to save the great moments of life. Because Every mom is special.

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