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How to strengthen our immune system – Real Simple Natural

how to strengthen our immune system

The question arise, that how to strengthen our immune system for best guard protection. We are discussing here.Human body also has a system, that prevent against disease. The immune system known as defense mechanism of our body. Our immune system always play vital role in controlling the viruses & bacteria’s living around our body.It reacts over foreign organisms with the production of antibodies and then stimulates the specialized cells that destroys those organisms or make them to be neutral for producing their toxic products. It helps to defend the foreign germs, viruses, bacteria and things like them.

how to strengthen our immune system

The immune system also creates guard around the cells that make ensure the functioning normally. Because there are round about 100 to 10,000 abnormal cells floating in our body. And that’s are part of  our normal metabolic process.

How to strengthen our immune system – Complications

Complications or Problems that can face our immune system:

  1. It is always under attack by too many invaders.
  2. It can be weaker in response of attack.
  3. It can dysfunction and lose the capability for identification of invaders.
  4. It can also lack the concentration to identify the healthy cells as bad cells and begin to kill them.
  5. It can also have missing of key components at the time of birth.

The four complications are recoverable but at the time of birth child lacking the ability to produce key component is pretty difficult but the science is not over yet.

How to Make Your Immune System Strong

The main purpose to strengthen our immune system is to make stronger against the attack of invaders and make initiate repair. It will work better if we are far stronger enough. This is the fact that our natural sources more strengthen our immune system than the drugs we intake. Although, they have fewer side effects. But they also work with efficiency on many ways like


  • They strengthen our immune system by killing and destroying the pathogens.
  • They also kill the viruses, bacteria, microorganisms running around our to strengthen our immune system

Adopting the natural ways for strengthen our immune system

1- Adequate Sleep

This is good option that how to boost immune system when sick. Because an adequate sleep can strengthen our immune system. It can minimize the stress level because the prolonged elevation of not taking sleep destroys our immune system.

2- Avoid Smoking:

Bulk intake of tobacco destroys the lungs and our respiratory system that cause bronchitis and pneumonia in everyone.

3- Control on Alcohol:

Excessive usage of alcohol can also create infections on our lungs that can also dysfunction our immune system. Prevention of alcohol make you able that how to boost immune system quickly.

4- Intake of healthy diet:

Healthy diet always plays a vital role to strengthen our immune system. Vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts are natural sources. Their intake can improve antibody response which protects against lungs infections and pneumonia.

5- Sunbath habit:

In recent days the deficiency of vitamin D is very common in every community. It can be covered through sunlight. In summer 10-15 exposure of sunlight can cover our vitamin D. We can get vitamins to boost immune system through sunbath. it also reduces the risk of influenza, cancer and makes stronger our bones as well. Sunbath habit also called immune system booster vitamins.

6- Use of garlic

Garlic having natural broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that strengthens our immune system.

7- Eat Mushrooms:

Usage of mushrooms reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.

8- Clean up your environment:

Our immune system can be healthier if we clean our living areas like control of air pollution, water pollution. We need to filter our water before intake, cleaning the home on regularly basis that could be how to increase immunity home remedies.

Avoid Sugar:

Researches have proved that white blood cells in our body become dysfunction when we take high quantity of sugar. They reduce the ability of our immune system to fight against infections. Pathogens, germs and others. Avoiding sugar or less usage in our routine life, is also the answer that how to strengthen our immune system.

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