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How To Wean Off Breastfeeding – Weaning Your Child

How To Wean Off Breastfeeding
How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

How to wean off breastfeeding, every mother want to weaning off when a child getting good health or specific age. Mother milk is a complete diet for the child that’s why breastfeeding is very essential for every child. For the first months from the birth the best thing to give your baby is breast milk for his/her life. As the child grows then appetite also grows for this you can start different foods like potato, rice, cooked apple, banana, mango and corn meal as well.

how to wean off breastfeeding

When your child is near about one year old then more food will require the growing child body. At that time breast milk is not enough and you start thinking to stop breastfeeding. This process is called wean off breastfeeding.

This could be another way of how to wean off breastfeeding your child. How to wean off breastfeeding at the 12 months, you must need to start solid diet at the age of six months. At same situation you should start weaning off breastfeeding to formula milk in the combination of breast milk. This can ease your baby through this transition.

Breastfeeding weaning schedule should be decided that it should not effect on baby health.The relationship between child and mother is very emotional so, weaning off breastfeeding can sad you. But, this can’t close the bond relationship of you and your child with the passage of time you will get back. We can say that breastfeeding was just the beginning of your very special relationship.

How to Wean Off Breastfeeding or As Long

How To Wean Off Breastfeeding

It is different with every child and depends how quickly your child adjusts. Normally, it takes few weeks to stop breastfeeding. Experts say that instead of enforcement of wean off let the child decide. You should try not offering breast milk to see the response of child but also not refusing when he asks for feeding. For your comforts you can follow the procedure to make it in smooth way

The best thing to wean off breastfeeding is gradual approach. If you completely stop it then it can upset your baby. It may also leave you with engorged breasts and can be a weaning breastfeeding pain inflammation which is called mastitis.

Gradual process will help you to try wean off so, that your milk supply will also reduce slowly the demand drops. For this you should follow three stages.

  • You should give full breast milk and then offer a small portion of food. This will encourage your child to experience with different flavors. This will help your child to be in habitual from other nourishments.
  • You should make practice to offer different foods before breastfeeding.
  • You should offer your baby water in a soft-spouted beaker, instead of a breastfeed.

What happens if the child does not stop breast feeding?

If your baby gives no response to wean off then you should show some patience. Your child enjoys breast feeding because it soothes and nourishes them as well. You can help to adjust your child with the following ways:

Make comfort in other ways

You should gradually replace breastfeeding with other ways to nurture. Most of times when you have fed your child then for comfort, try to look baby books together , sing some songs, or play some games.

Delaying the feed

If your child is older the putting off method can work, if he asks for feed then you can distract them with some other activities and tell them to feed later.  You can also explain that he should wait till the bedtime.

Wait for the best moment

Some time it becomes very difficult for child to accept wean off. This can cause illness to him. He will want more breast feed when you are not feeding them up. This is the best moment to offer other foods or liquids to fulfill his appetite.

Another source of how to wean off breastfeeding your child with the physical activities. In the same way if you go for some work or moved house then your child may be adjusting in your absence. This may also bring some change in your child life. You should try some activities like that can help your child to wean off breastfeeding.

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