Seasonal Allergies Symptoms Fatigue And Treatment

seasonal allergies symptoms

What is Allergy?

The problems that we commonly ignored are very sensitives. Here we let us know about seasonal allergies symptoms and treatment. An allergy can be defines as high level of sensitivity. Our immune system that time overreacts while defending itself.

Allergens can act on our immune system when we breathe or even touch the allergens, or while intake of food and drinks, or through injectables. Normally, our immune system reacts when bacteria and other germs or pathogens attack on our body. But, for the people who are suffering with allergies immune system works too hard even with normal substances like pollens. The reaction of allergic substances can vary from mild discomfort to life threatening situations.

seasonal allergies symptoms

Seasonal Allergies Symptoms:

There are four types of seasonal allergies.

1-Spring Allergies:

After the autumn season when the trees start to bloom and the pollens get move around through air then the effects of allergies start working over the sufferers like sniffing and sneezing.

2-Seasonal Allergies Summer:

The real reason for summer allergies is grass. Grasses are the most common trigger for those people who are suffering with hay fever.

3-Seasonal Allergies Fall:

Autumn is known as ragweed season. There are more than 40 ragweed around the world. They normally grow in temperate areas. It is very difficult to control their pollens and the symptoms of these pollens can also be very severe.

4-Seasonal Allergies Winter:

In winter people spend most of their times indoor. The indoor allergens can be such as pets, dust, molds and cockroaches as well.

Common allergic symptoms:

If you have allergy then may be one or combination of them is allergy symptoms

seasonal allergies symptoms

  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy throat
  • Stomach ache
  • Itchy skin
  • Hives
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Fever

Diagnose of seasonal allergies:

If you have allergic symptoms that all occur at specific time period then that identifies the seasonal allergy. You can go for regular medical check to your GP. He’ll check your ear, nose and throats to make diagnose. Most of the time there is no need of allergic test they are treated in the same way.

It can also be tested through allergic skin test. Allergic skin testing is the most sensitive testing method with high level of resulting. The most common test is called prick test.

It can also be checked through your blood or serum. It also provides the same information like allergic skin testing.

Treatment for season allergies

Seasonal allergies treatment can be possible through make yourself clean means avoidance from those things which causes you allergy

seasonal allergies symptoms

  • Use of air conditioner rather than ceiling fan.
  • Check your local weather for preventing of pollens.
  • Spend more time indoors when pollens rate is high.
  • Make practice of taking dust mask especially in wind days.
  • Avoid taking perfumes.
  • Spend less time with pets.
  • Take a shower or wash your hands on regularly basis when the work is done.


When your avoidance doesn’t work then go for the medications. Some of these medications can give you relief.


These medicines are normally used in the symptoms of watery eyes, watery nose, itching and sneezing. Initially, sleepiness was the problem in the reaction of antihistamines but now medical sciences has covered over it.

 2-Nasal steroids:

These are the anti-inflammatory sprays. They help to decrease the inflammation, swelling and production of mucous. They are more effective in the combination of antihistamines. At the lower doses they free of side effects.

3-Cromolyn sodium:

This is a kind of spray called nasal spray; it contains cromolyn sodium that can help to stop hay fever. It can block the release of histamine and the symptoms of producing chemicals. It’s usage for long term can actually make the symptom worse while the pills have not such kind of side effects.

Some allergies could be harmful but it is possible to treat with them. Seasonal allergies symptoms are very clear to understand and treat with them in a sensible way.

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