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Stages of Weaning – Young Mother Must Know About it

Stages of Weaning

This is understood that every child mus be wean off. Breastfeeding is the first and foremost diet for their better health. But now here we are discussing about stages of weaning. According to the situation of child and mother this decision should take. Complementary foods are very necessary at the time of weaning. It is very important to manage the diet of child before weaning off. Here are different stages.

Well, it is the right of every child to get mother-feeding but, definitely it is also very important to wean of your child at best time. Here you will know different stages and age to wean your child from mother-feeding.

Stages of Weaning

Stages of Weaning

Finally the time comes up to wean your child from breastfeeding, but you might be worried the sudden change may cause an outpouring of feelings out of your child. With the help of a couple of tips particularly for moms doing breastfeeding, you are able to really feel the weaning process without tears.

Complementary feeding or weaning is presenting food for your baby together with his milk feeds (breast milk or formula). The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends babies to wean by 6 several weeks. Begin weaning by 6 several weeks although not before 4 several weeks, at that time, healthy term. Babies will be ready to learn new feeding skills and milk feeds alone no more provide all of the nutrients and calories they have to develop and grow normally.

You will find 3 stages to weaning: Stage 1 begins at 6 several weeks, upon weaning having a smooth mash or puree for that first couple of tastes. Adopted by stage 2 when your baby has learnt to simply accept smooth foods, you are prepared to proceed to mashed food with soft protuberances and provide soft finger foods with all of meals. Finally, by 9 several weeks old at stage 3, your child is able to proceed to minced and chopped foods and you ought to start encouraging self-feed.

Stage 1 – Weaning at 5 Months

  • Smooth mash or purees
  • Your baby’s tongue will push forward and food is out initially
  • A small amount daily.
  • Proceed to 2 meals/day and later on make it at least 3 meals/day
  • Give different foods each and every meal.
  • Baby Cereals, mashed soft cooked vegetables and mashed soft/cooked fruit
  • Mashed grain, noodles or pasta
  • Full fat milk products

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Stage 2 –  Method of Weaning

Stages of Weaning

  • Boost the quantity according your infant’s interest and appetite – offer foods all 4 recommended food groups
  • Your infant might need to try man times before understanding how to just like a new food/taste
  • As the quantity of solids increases the level of breast/ formula milk will decrease
  • Present a cup of water with meals
  • Encourage finger foods, self-feeding and mess
  • Babies improve by coping: eat together with your infant and can include him at family meal

Stage 3

  • Your infant has become biting and eating onto family foods and family meals
  • Now you can eliminate morning hours milk feeds
  • Eliminate bottles and alter to spread out cups or free flow beakers
  • Reduce milk feeds one at a time to two feeds each day at 11-12 several weeks

The proper Stages of Weaning will help you to make it fine without any tears or harsh resource. This is not easy to wean off your child but it is also important or compulsory that one your child must be wean off. The proper time and situation is much better.


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