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teen pregnancy facts

Teen pregnancies are the biggest rising issue now a days. There are lots of teen pregnancy facts that illustrate this problem.  It can effects seriously on both girls and guys, including study completion. It can also create health risks for both mother and child. Proper education about sex is very important. If you really want to have sex, you must know about all consequences and results.

Teen age Pregnancy

teen pregnancy facts

A survey indicate that almost 750,000 of teen girls in the Unites States have got pregnant, each year. The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the world. This ratio is much high than England or Canada. And more than 7 times high as Japan and Netherlands. Almost 4 out of 10 girls have got pregnant at least once, before age of 20 in the United States. Nearly, 50% of teens have never considered that how pregnancies could occur their lives and they gave birth.

Teen Pregnancy Facts

Here we will discuss different aspects of teen pregnancy facts.

teen pregnancy facts

  • Parenthood is the major reason that why teen age girls drop their schools. This is the reason that less than 50% of teen mother get graduate from high school and only fewer earn college degree at the age of 28  or 30.
  • Teen mother’s are not caring about pregnancy matters because this is unusual and unplanned matter. So, she had no idea about medical treatment and these problem directly effect on the baby. Not have proper care teen mother’s child are mostly premature and containing low birth weight.
  • Smoking is the common habit specially in teenagers. Teen girls smoke in their routine life and having this habit they loss their actual weight that needs for a pregnant women. Even also teen girls don’t care about their weight after pregnant.

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  • More than teen girls are become unmarried mother are poor. Parents should be specially take care of their children and proper teach them about coupling.
  • Gap between one birth to second birth must be high specially in teen girls. Because physically they are not able to get more birth, in such a younger age. Usually, teen mothers get second birth within 24 months of first birth. That could be more dangerous for both mother and child.
  • This is an other important teen pregnancy facts that the children of teen mothers are difficult rather than mature parents children. They got depression atmosphere at home or teen mothers are not more than capable to foster their children. Teen mothers did not deliver well behavior to their children and in the retaliation, children’s are not interested in education.

teen pregnancy facts

  • Almost 8 out of 10 father’s did’t marry with their child mothers. Teenage parenthood also create financial issues, because they are not part of professional life. According to law, a father of child must be paid $800 per year. But due to having financial issues mostly teen father’s did not accept it and deny their marriage.
  • Children’s are more sensitive who live with the parents dispute. And also feel so poor and lonely rather than children’s parents at home.

Teen pregnancy facts are more clear and leave a lesson for coming up teens. GOD gives us rules to spend our lives peacefully and happily. But thing is that we must be follow them all rules to make our lives happier.

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